Crispin’s Guide to Stirling Cycling - Overseas


CTC Tour of Iceland – July 2003


Organised by Brian Curtis


Assisted by Tracy


Led by Halldor, of Bluebiking


and assisted by Darren


Featuring great biking

(Aileen and Linda tackle a river crossing)


Bubbling, sulphurous hot-springs


Drying fish heads


More river crossings



Anne and Chris shelter behind a rock


Talks about sheeps


Sleep deprivation

Gary catches a quick 40 winks.


A chance to watch Strukkor’s powerful thrusts!

(that’s how the postcard described it)



(Nadia, and the lunch stop near Thjorsardalur )


More waterfalls

(Haifoss, the second-highest waterfall in Iceland )


Views of Mt Hekla

(camping at Holaskogur)


More great biking


A tour of a hydro-electric power station. 

Linda and the world’s largest headset spanner (check out those ear-plugs).

The guide pointed at the signs and we got to stand next to real-live, take-your-hand-off turbines


More great biking

Tracy and Nadia riding across the moon.  The Apollo astronauts trained here.


Things to prop one’s bike against



Chris and Nadia pushing up to the top of a volcano (Ljotipollur , which translates as Ugly Puddle).


Anne and Tracy do the same


Extreme sandwiching


More great Biking

Dave rides the rim of Ljotipollur


Tracy pushed


Walking at Landmannalaugar


And even a snowball fight!


And posing.

Tracy and Nadia pose for the Stirling Bike Club calendar


All I have to do now is get my sleeping bag dry.


© Crispin Bennett, 2003


Crispin’s Guide to Stirling Cycling - Overseas